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  • ZITAY CFexpress to SSD Convertor

    ZITAY CFexpress to SSD Convertor

    Following the develpmengt of high-end cameras, ZITAY firstly R&D Cfexpress to SSD Adapter in the world, we have few years of research and develop camera storage solutions. ZITAY CFexpress to SSD Convertor is a best camera storage solution designed to latest generation of high-end camera requires larger and faster storage. it consists of SSD card box, transmission cable and dummy CFexpress card, 1/4” D-ring screw included. Material adapts aviation grade 6061 aluminum alloy, Card slot directly supply power, no need external power supply, plug and play instantly. With the D-Ring 1/4”mounting screw, it’s easy to be attached to your device safely and firmly. Precision machining: Using aviation grade aluminum CNC machining, hard anodizing surface treatment; ​ Customized HF wire makes sure data output safe and steady. Cable length: 20cm. Dummy card size is same with standard CFexpress card. Data security totally depends on SSD, converter is just a transmission device. For the camera models not work without card lid close: a little plug put to the card lid sensor can intrigue the camera to work.

  • Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

    Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

    Dear All Clients and Dealers:Thanks a lot for all your continuted support. Since the Chinese New Year holiday is approaching(January 24 to February 8 is the Spring Festival holiday ), If you need to c

  • Notice of upcoming holidays

    Notice of upcoming holidays

    Mid-Autumn Festival holiday: September 19th to 21stNational Day holiday: October 1st to 7thNormal work on September 18th and 26thNormal work on October 9Orders are normally received during the holiday

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