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  • 2021-03-19
    I received the SSD adapter from Zitay. It works and almost like promised, except it will not do 4K/120p, but everything else works well as description.
  • 2021-02-01
    Fist Impressions - ZITAY CF Express A to SSD on my Sony FX6. Overall, It works and works well (tested with a Samsung 1TB 970 Evo). Some notes:
    - You will get a warning about Not Guaranteed Media but I had no issues recording with any of the formats (including S&Q @ UHD 100fps).
    - You can mount it directly to the FX6 with the screw on the body of the ZITAY (see pic) and it works OK with out fouling access to buttons, handles etc (but could be improved)
    - There is no issue shooting with the media card door open on the FX6
    - I also had no issue with the ZITAY CFExpress Type A Card Reader that I also purchased.

    - Make the NVME Enclosure tool less (like many USB C nvme enclosures)
    - Allow the mounting screw to be on any of the four corners as with the FX6 you need to mount it as shown the route the cable backwards creating bends and twists and then a much shorter cable would work really well
    - You can just pull out the CF Express adapter from the FX6 body (you don't have to press it in first for the click ).... I'm not sure if this can be fixed but if you snag the cable (as the door is open) then the drive will disconnect.

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