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  • 2023-08-22
    Great economic solution against the higher priced Cfastcards. Easy to install on my Canon c200. Closing door with a little force. There is some pressure on the cable. I hope that it will keep strong. To prevent problems I remove the adapter if the camera is not used.
  • 2022-07-09
    Fonctionne parfaitement.
    A force d’utiliser l’usb-c pour enregistrer sur mon ssd, le connecteur commençait à devenir fragile.

    Mais avec ce branchement Cfast vers ssd de zitay, le branchement est fermement maintenu.
    En plus, gros avantage, le branchement passe à droite, du côté du bras du gimbal.
    Donc plus aucun problème de tirer accidentellement sur le câble.

    Point négatif: impossible de fermer le cache à carte mémoire car le câble est trop épais. Mais même avec le cache ouvert, ça vaut largement le coût de passer sur ce système (en y réfléchissant bien, quand tu enregistre avec le câble usb-c, tu laisse bien le cache ouvert et les autres connectiques autour sont à découvert et ça dérangent personnes…).

    Bref, je recommande !
  • 2021-12-03
    This product so far has met all expectations and done exactly what it said it would do..rare these days! I also purchased the Zitay CFast Reader, pleasantly surprised with the metal build quality and USB-C and USB3 adapter, clever. I'll be back!
  • 2021-10-26
    Seems like a solid device solution. However, what is not outlined is the fact that you have to buy a SSD and disassemble to use it with this adapter. I thought this was a plug and play solution, but you have to reassemble the drive to interface with your computer. Its a bit time consuming... unless I'm missing something. The image of this adapter looks like the WHOLE SSD fits into the holder. I have yet to test it as I have to buy another HD I'm willing to take apart first. This should be made clearer in the item description.
    Service:The SSD can be directly unplugged and the data can be copied on the computer through a USB to SATA cable

  • 2021-04-08
    So far so good,Works well with my Canon C300, already recommend to pal
  • 2021-04-02
    Using CFast 2.0 cards can be super expensive, However, if you are shooting footage using a cinema camera, you have to buy one or several. Then, you have to make sure the read and write speeds will work with your specific camera.
    This zitay cfast to ssd adapter can save your budget.
  • 2021-03-08
    I use this on the URSA mini, it works flawlessly, and also doesn't use the back SDI port (the BMD adapter does). The only downside is you can't close the door completely, and you need to find a place to put the adapter - but I have a cage so it's not an issue, and I can use the back SDI to run video village.
  • 2021-02-20
    Works as advertised. Great quality construction.

  • 2020-12-18
    Looks well made and the cable is flat so you can still shut the cf card door and keep dust away. Love it.